A Song for Departing Friends

The air is cold but the sky is burning with a warming light,
And I think that I will stay until the fire turns to night.
And if you’ll stay here beside me than the two of us can see
If we can count the stars that meet the ground and flutter free.
But if it’s time for you to go, then I’ll sing you away,
And you need not fear nor worry for the ones who have to stay.
No, I swear you need not worry for the one you’re leaving here,
For the fire keeps me safe from all the things I have to fear.


Refraction of a Moment

The sun, the sun, is far and bright,
The moon is shining in the night,
What is a cloth without its thread?
What is a garden without its bed?
What is a story before it’s told?
What is a fire that’s already cold?

In His Eyes

O eye, like glass, unmoving,
Though once ye stormed, and bright!
Why giveth ye now nothing?
Where gone your childish light?
O eye that stares, and steadfast,
What living death contain?
What silence now ensnares you
Where once did tempest reign?