A Very Exciting Announcement

I mentioned in my last post on here that I had an exciting announcement coming up. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you may already have heard this, as it was actually announced a few weeks ago, but if not, here it is:

This August, my first published short story will be appearing in the WERE- anthology which is being published by Zombies Need Brains.

You can read more about the anthology–and preorder it–here.

I’m really excited to read the other stories in this book, and for my own story to get out there. This story is everything I could have hoped for in my first published story. It has characters who are like me and it talks about things from my own experience, neither of which I saw a lot of in fantasy growing up. I put a lot of myself into this story, and I hope that means other people will see themselves in it too.

This is exactly the kind of writing I want to be doing.