An Update on Posting

I will not be resuming regular posting here. That doesn’t mean I’ll be abandoning this blog completely, just that I’ll only post when I have something I feel the need to say. What this means is that I’ll post things that I have no idea how to sell, things that I want to be available to anyone without requiring payment or subscription, things that I want to get out there as soon as possible, and things that…aren’t really much of anything, but are still something. Most of what I post here will be related to disability and/or neurodiversity. Other topics will probably include gender, sexuality, and privilege. I won’t be posting everything I write on those topics, though.

I may also take some of the threads I write on twitter and put them up here.

There’s a really simple reason for this:

I need money.

See, a very strange thing happened this summer, and it sort of came to a head around my 20th birthday. I became an adult.

That is, I began to perceive myself as an adult in a way that I didn’t before. I didn’t expect this. Birthdays don’t usually actually change anything, at least in my experience. But for whatever reason, this time there was a very definite change in how I saw myself, and that change seems mainly to involve that I am constantly thinking about money. How will I get money? Is it worth losing out on a day’s pay to go to a writing convention, given that the writing convention will help long term with my actual career? What happens if my family’s main source of income goes away? Will I be able to pay for my medication? How do I avoid becoming homeless? Will I die in a gutter?

That last one is a pretty big one.

And, okay, I thought about these things before, but they play a much bigger part in my decision making than they did before.

So I’ll continue posting on this blog, but not in the same way before, because my writing energy needs to be concentrated on writing pieces that I will hopefully eventually get paid for (rather than writing pieces that will help me build a sort of portfolio, but which I do not actually expect to get any money for.)

I have been tweeting regulary, though, so if you’re interested definitely go ahead and follow me over there. And I’ll hopefully be posting more to DisabledDragon, so again, you can follow me there as well.


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